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Vanina Finocchi, Italy

Vanina relocated to the Isle of Man from Rome, Italy to find a healthier work-life balance for her family. Now, she calls the Island home and cherishes the scenery, lifestyle and time she has found to do more of what she loves.

Why the Isle of Man?

When initially considering relocating from Rome, Italy, my partner and I were looking for a place where we could spend more time with our kids. A friend of mind was working in the Island and assured me that this was something the Isle of Man could offer, as well as great job opportunities and a child-friendly environment.

We felt confident that the Island was the right place for us, having researched into the calibre of schools and the fact that the Island is one of the safest places to live in Europe.

How do you find the career prospects in the Island?

Career-wise for me the opportunity to be part of the Noble’s hospital Radiology team has been very stimulating. The team is passionate and dedicated in an environment which allows professional and personal growth. We have currently been working with a charity and a trust in a project to raise money for 2 new CT scanners and 1 MRI scanner, to upgrade our cross-sectional service, which will transform our department in one of the best radiology services in the north-west.  

Although the nature of my work can be all-consuming, I find my current job causes less stress and I am able to benefit from a much shorter commute time and no longer suffer from being stuck in hours of traffic each day.

How has your move affected your work-life balance?

Living in the Isle of Man has allowed me to do more of what I love, which is spending time at the stables horse-riding with my girls. The increase in personal time has allowed me to enjoy the scenery and lifestyle, something which we all cherish and know we couldn’t find anywhere else.  

We are all really happy here and the Isle of Man is now where we call home.

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