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Tax Returns and Obtaining a National Insurance Number

In the Isle of Man, Tax Returns and obtaining a National Insurance Number is a very easy and straightforward process.
Tax Returns and Obtaining a National Insurance Number

Where can I obtain a National Insurance Number and Tax Returns?

Tax Returns and obtaining a National Insurance Number can both be done at the Tax Office. Once you have arrived, make your way to Government Offices on Bucks Road in Douglas and see a representative to fill out the applicable forms.

To obtain a National Insurance Number, you will need to fill out form CA5400 which you can get at the Tax Office or you can request it posted to you by calling +44 1624 685400.


Who needs to get a National Insurance Number?

You need a National Insurance Number if you are planning to work, be self-employed, claiming a benefit or wish to make voluntary contributions in the Isle of Man.


Do I need to attend an interview?

Yes, for National Insurance, you will need to schedule a 15 minute interview. You can contact them in office or over the phone at +44 1624 685400 to schedule.


What do I need to bring to the interview?

You must bring in your completed CA5400 form and two forms of identification with at least one being photographic (and ideally showing your signature). Depending on your reason for needing a NIN, other documentation may be required (i.e. confirmation of employment letter, work permit, visa information).


How long will the process take?

Obtaining a National Insurance Number usually takes 1 week if you are applying for the first time and will arrive by post.


Can I use my National Insurance Number from the UK?

If you are relocating to the Isle of Man from the UK and begin paying National insurance contributions, another record will be created for you in the Isle of Man using your same National Insurance number. These records are separate for pension purposes. However if a contributory benefit such as Jobseekers Allowance or Incapacity benefit is claimed, contributions paid in the UK may satisfy claim criteria here according to the UK/IOM reciprocal agreement.


For more information see our government page at Income Tax and National Insurance.

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