Liz Cullinane, Isle of Man

Liz has worked in the UK, Australia and the Cayman Islands throughout her nursing career, but returned to the Island permanently in 2019. She is now matron for women, children and families at Nobles Hospital.

What prompted you to return to the Isle of Man?

I’ve lived and worked in nursing all over the world, but for me the Isle of Man has it all. Career progression here is fantastic and I’ve progressed much quicker than I would have done elsewhere and benefited from the opportunities available here.  The work-life balance is much better too. Nursing is a tiring profession, so it’s important that you have time to switch off and unwind, and the Isle of Man really does allow that.

Tell us a bit about your job – what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

I’ve been matron for women, children and families since October 2020. Nurses on the Isle of Man are able to work both in hospitals and in the community which is quite unique, so I practice a whole range of things – health visiting, school nursing, family planning, maternity and neonatal services, children’s outreach, outpatients and hospital care – it’s all part of one integrated service, and it means every day is different!

What are the benefits of being a nurse on a small island?

A small island means less bureaucracy, and that’s a real plus point. It means everyone can be involved in decision-making – from those that are in charge, to those who carry out the care. Your views are actively encouraged and listened to here, and if you don’t agree with something then you can raise it. It’s commonplace for any nurse to go and speak to the director of nursing. There’s an open-door policy.

How do you stay up to date with the latest healthcare practices whilst being on an island?

There are fantastic learning opportunities here – you can retrain on the island free of charge through our college. We also get the opportunity to go to the UK for training, and collaborate with the other British crown dependencies to share best practice too, so it’s easy to stay connected and up to date with the wider industry.

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