Stephen Gadman, Manchester

Stephen Gadman is a Police Officer with the Isle of Man Constabulary who moved to the Isle of Man with his family in 2015.
Stephen Gadman is a Police Officer with the Isle of Man Constabulary who moved to the Isle of Man from Manchester, UK.

Moving to the Isle of Man

My wife and I have a young family and wanted a safer place to raise our children, with a better work-life balance, where we could spend more time together as a family. My mother was Manx and we visited the Island every year so I knew it well. I applied to transfer from Greater Manchester Police to the Isle of Man Constabulary and was thrilled when I was accepted. My wife was expecting our second child so it felt the right time to take the plunge and move.

Favourite thing about the Isle of Man

The landscape and scenery is stunning; even on a windy day the Island has a natural beauty which is addictive. We love the slower pace of life and the sense of community the Island offers.

We lead a healthier lifestyle with more outdoor activities, especially walking our two dogs. Our children are happy and we are more relaxed. We have more time for each other and appreciate the little things. I love my job on the Island, especially during TT Races and Manx GP.


What would you say to others considering a move to the Isle of Man?

Let the culture and nature of the Island wash over you. You will soon find that moving here is the best thing you'll ever do as a family and you won't look back. I recommend visiting the Island in winter so you experience the colder climate and speak to other "come-overs" who can give you the pros and cons of Island life. Once here, it's good to escape every now and then for a sense of scale. We really appreciate Island life when we return.


How the Isle of Man differs to the UK

Even within a small island house prices vary massively from one town to the next, depending on location and the age of property. There is less crime and the Island is less densely populated than the UK. There are not as many UK national brands on the high street, but this is part of the charm of living here and there are hardly any traffic jams. People are proud to live on the Isle of Man and everyone knows everyone. The Manx people are passionate about their culture (and gossiping is a favourite past time!)


Plans for the future

We're here for the long term. I'm applying for the Sergeants' promotion process. My wife has set up her own digital marketing company which is going from strength to strength with local & UK clients and we recently bought and have started to renovate an old Victorian house.


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