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Checklist for Moving to the Isle of Man

Moving to a new country is a rewarding experience, but does bring with it a daunting checklist of things to do before you leave.
We've put together a list of advice to get you started on your move to the Isle of Man.
Checklist for Moving to the Isle of Man

1. Check your travel documents.

Make sure all of your documentation is in order for you and your entire family. Check to ensure that passports are valid, Visas or work permits are in hand, and travel tickets are in the correct name.

If you're married or in a civil/co-habiting partnership, your partner can obtain a year-long work permit to get them started with employment.

Make sure you have packed any supporting documents you will need including marriage certificates, birth certificates, rental agreements, photo identification etc. Most of these items will be needed on Island when applying for National Insurance (you will need two forms of photo ID), income tax, etc.  

2. Find somewhere to live.

You will need to get started on this as soon as possible, especially if you're looking to buy a property as chains and surveys can take time. The Isle of Man is home to 4 towns, 4 villages, and 16 parishes. Each area is distinctive, with the capital of Douglas being home to over 30% of the population.

There are many resources available to find your new home, have a look at our guide to finding somewhere to live HERE.

3. Enrol children for school.

If you have children, they are entitled to free and immediate enrolment to the Island’s school system. You will need to contact the school in your area to enrol them straight away.

The Isle of Man utilises catchment areas for sorting pupils into schools nearest them. To find out your catchment zone, contact the Department of Education and Children on +44 1624 685820.

4. Apply for a Pet Passport.

Don't worry about leaving your beloved pet at home, they can travel from the UK to the Isle of Man with minimal restrictions.

If you are travelling from Europe, you will need to get a Pet Passport. This can be attained from your veterinarian and allows for easier travel with your pet.  

Pets arriving from further afield may have more limitations.To learn more about bringing over your pets, read HERE.

5. Pack your things.

The Isle of Man Ferry is a great option if you are moving from the UK, Europe, or Ireland. We have a daily service from Heysham (Lancashire), Liverpool/Birkenhead, Dublin and Belfast. You can drive your car or van on board and relax as you journey to your new home. (You’ll also avoid baggage excess fees from airlines!) The daily ferry service means that transporting all of your furniture, clothes and bits and pieces shouldn't be too much trouble.

You may also want to hire a moving company. Most of these companies ship worldwide and will liaise with your movers. Take a look at our list of local moving companies to ease the hassle.

Also remember, the Isle of Man is not at a loss for shopping. There are plenty of hardware, furniture stores, and even electronic shops- so you can always pack light and replenish when you arrive!


6. Ship your car.

If you're travelling over from the UK or Ireland, simply bring your car to the ferry port for the journey over. As soon as you arrive, you will need to re-register your car with an Isle of Man number plate and make sure your car is licensed.

Shipping a car from further afield is possible as well. You will need to re-register your vehicle with an Isle of Man license plate, present a Customs Clearance Certificate and certificate of insurance.

The Isle of Man has many, many car dealers; so you might want to consider selling your vehicle and purchasing a new one whilst here.


7. Relax, smile, and say ‘hello’ to your new life!

We are so happy you are joining us. The Isle of Man offers a wonderful quality of life. We are the safest place in the British Isles, a UNESCO biosphere, and a country steeped in history. Thank you for adding to our story!


Click HERE to read how others have made the move and are enjoying their new laid-back Island life!

Relax, smile and say 'hello' to your new life!


Live your dream life in the Isle of Man

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