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Kickstarting An Exciting Graduate Career In eGaming In The Isle of Man

Fergus Coulter and Kyle Cross studied together at the University College Isle of Man - both completing degrees in Computer Science. Friends, and work colleagues, the pair work as Software Engineers for eGaming company, PokerStars.
Fergus Coulter and Kyle Cross

The Beginning Of An Exciting Career In The Tech Industry


Having enjoyed IT at A Level, I was naturally drawn to a digital career, plus with the Island’s tech industry being so well-established and diverse, there were many roles to choose from.

What made the industry attractive to me was the broad range of skills that can be developed at any job level – from technical, to inter-personal and soft skills such as problem solving and lateral thinking. I don’t know how many other industries offer such a variety of development and career opportunities.  


I’ve had an interest in technology from an early age, and having grown up in the Isle of Man, was always aware of the opportunities that were available within the sector, which is constantly growing and innovating.

Professional And Technical Development


My role at PokerStars has provided me with many opportunities, especially regarding role responsibilities and qualifications. The role is very diverse, both technically and professionally, and I have learnt a huge amount in such a short space of time, while being able to practically apply learnings from my degree.


Since joining PokerStars I’ve been provided with a wealth of training and development opportunities. I have a particular interest in .net and SQL, and PokerStars have recognised this, and allowed me to focus on enhancing my skills in these areas as a result. I’ll shortly be commencing training in Amazon Web Services, something I’m really looking forward to and have been given the chance to undertake further relevant qualifications in the not-too-distant future.

Learning Something New Every Day


Every day there's something new to work on or, more importantly, to learn. My experience and aptitude with SQL for instance has grown 10-fold and I still feel like I am only scratching the surface. Everyone in the team is always more than happy to assist with any questions or issues - being able to pick the brains of people with so much more experience is fantastic and contributes a huge amount to becoming a better developer. PokerStars actively encourage us to undertake qualifications and I am currently undertaking a professional course in Amazon Web Services.


The job itself is incredibly varied; I’m constantly learning and working on something different almost every day!

In The Isle of Man Nothing Is Too Far Away


I’m very glad I chose to remain on the Island, I like that I’m no more than a five-minute drive from the sea or the countryside, which makes going for bike rides and walks all that more enjoyable. Of course, there’s always the TT Races, which is the highlight of my year!

The Isle of Man’s thriving, and dynamic tech industry has provided an opportunity for a growing number of graduate career pathways across a range of sectors, including eGaming, eSports, cryptocurrency, telecoms, digital marketing, and web development to name but a few. If you’re looking to kick-start a digital career, visit our tech jobs page here.

Or why not register your skills on the Locate Talent Portal here – and discover what opportunities await you in the Isle of Man.

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