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Ferran Munoz Lopez, Spain

Ferran Munoz Lopez relocated to the Isle of Man from Barcelona and cites career progression and the beautiful scenery as just some of the reasons to make the move.
Ferran Munoz Lopez relocated to the Isle of Man from Barcelona.

What does your job involve?

The main responsibility of my role is to managing audit teams to deliver audit engagements for clients. At any one time, I can be managing a number of teams across private and listed clients and I have to ensure our approach to the work is correct and we understand the varying client's businesses and risks. I supervise the team's work, liaise with leadership about any difficulties and issues identified, whilst coaching the team. At the end of the audit, I present the conclusion to the client's board together with a Partner.


Another important aspect of my role is reviewing work from a quality angle, ensuring our services are delivered and we are not in breach of our internal and external rules. I regularly deliver training internally and externally and I am part of the business development team.


Every day is different in my role, and I enjoy how varied and dynamic it is. The culture is all about our people; being a diverse workforce that works collaboratively you are always encouraged to challenge yourself with the support of continuous professional development, coaching and constructive feedback.


What prompted your move to the Isle of Man?

I first moved to the Isle of Man from Barcelona to gain international experience via the PwC Global Mobility Programme. The programme matches your skills to available positions within the global PwC network and I successfully gained a position with PwC Isle of Man.


At the end of my secondment I returned to Barcelona, but within a few months of being back and the arrival of our son, my wife and I decided to move to the Isle of Man permanently.


We missed the Island and the work-life balance I'd become accustomed to, along with wanting a safe environment to bring up our son. I was lucky that PwC Isle of Man offered me a permanent position.


What is your favourite thing about the Island?

I love sport and the Isle of Man is perfect for this. I regularly run or cycle to work taking in the amazing scenery along the way, and this has to be my favourite thing. I can combine what I love into my daily commute rather than being sat in a traffic jam or packed into tube-like sardines.


The Island has a great variety of sporting events throughout the year and I like to take part in many, normally as part of a PwC team. One of my favourites is Race the Sun, a team relay race starting at sunrise with the aim of completing a lap of the 100 miles Raad Ny Foillan coastal path before the sun sets, it is definitely not for the fainthearted.


How has your move to the Isle of Man benefitted you?

It has to be my improved work-life balance, which was my reason for relocating. I have more time for my hobbies and I can enjoy more quality time with my family, whilst still progressing my career and professional development with one of the world's leading accounting firms.


What are your ambitions for life on the Island?

I've lived here nearly 7 years altogether and in that time I've bought a house and grown our family with the arrival of our daughter. Our children love life on the Island and I look forward to continuing to enjoy our family life here.


How does the Isle of Man differ to where you have previously lived?

The main difference has to be moving from city life to rural life. There are aspects of city life the Island cannot compare to, but the Island is well connected and the benefits I've experienced during my relocation outweigh this.


The rural environment the Island offers means you are never far from the countryside or coast, but the local economy still provides you with the international business experience you'd expect from city life; for me, it is the best of both worlds.


What would you say to others considering a move to the Isle of Man?

If you're someone who loves being in an international business community, but at the same time enjoy your family time and hobbies, this is the place for you. The Isle of Man provides a very safe and secure environment.


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