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Relocating To The Isle of Man To Begin A Rewarding Career in BioMed

Tim Henderson studied Chemistry at the University of Leeds and relocated to the Isle of Man to work for Astrea Bioseperations as a Quality Control Analyst
Tim Henderson

Choosing A Career In Biomedical Sciences 

After graduating with an Integrated Master’s Degree in Chemistry, I applied for a Quality Control (QC) Analyst position with Astrea Bioseparations in the Isle of Man. It quickly became clear after touring the site and meeting the team that the role would allow me to improve upon the analytical skills that I had learnt at university as well as develop as a professional in a fast-moving industry.

A Rewarding Career 

The real draw of the role was job satisfaction. The products we manufacture in the Isle of Man are used around the world in the purification of a variety of biological isolates that have myriad uses in a healthcare setting. The fact that my work actively improves the lives of others, gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

Working in the QC team has allowed me to gain practical experience with a wide range of analytical machinery, develop my knowledge of microbiology and associated techniques, and be responsible for maintaining the exacting standards which we hold to all incoming raw materials and outgoing products.

Why The Isle of Man 

Before seeing the job advert for Astrea Bioseparations, I had not considered moving to the Isle of Man. However, the Island has provided me with no shortage of unforgettable experiences.

I really feel that I have been able to fully embrace Island life and some of the experiences I have had outside of work, such as representing the Island in senior hockey championships in the UK and taking part in the Island’s Parish Walk, have really helped me explore and feel a part of this wonderful community.

Having grown up in the Midlands, being able to hear the sea from my front door and then drive 10 minutes and be in the middle of a forested plantation is something I will never quite get used to!

The Isle of Man has proved its potential as a BioMed centre of excellence, having seen exponential growth over the last several years. Comprising of a diverse set of companies, ranging from device manufacture, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals and latterly medicinal cannabis, the sector offers many opportunities to graduates interested in a career in biomedical science.

Interested in a career in the Island’s growing BioMed sector? Register your skills with the Locate Talent Portal here.

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