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Suzie Skelding, Isle of Man

Suzie returned to the Isle of Man after living abroad for 17 years. A Registered Nurse and Senior Sister at Noble’s Hospital, Suzie has settled back into ‘Island Living’.

Hi Suzie! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. So you grew up in the Isle of Man, is that right?

Yes, I was just 10 years old when I first called the Isle of Man home. I left when I was 19 to go to university.


What brought you back to the Isle of Man?

I was looking for a safer home for my family- and a better quality of life for us all! The Isle of Man’s tax benefits, low crime rates, and excellent education system called me home.  So, after 17 years, I’ve returned.

Some people still don’t lock their doors…which takes a little getting used to!

The longer I was away the more I realised what I was missing – community, freedom, sea, fresh air, peace & tranquillity.


Can you tell us a bit about working at the hospital?

Every day is different and the team here are fantastic. We have a bright, spacious and relatively new facility, the entire hospital building is only 15 years old, and the new research and education departments have been a great addition.


How has your career progressed since moving back to the Island?

There are excellent career progression opportunities here, in 6 years I have progressed from a band 5 to a band 7 and I am presently undertaking my master’s degree, fully funded by the Department of Health. I feel supported here- both professionally and financially.


That’s amazing, congratulations! So, what does an average day look like for you?

My day now starts with a beautiful, short, traffic free commute. Parking directly outside work with no car park fees, I pick up my freshly laundered uniform – again free of charge and put all my belongings in my own allocated locker. It sounds silly but these little things make a huge difference to your daily life- and your bank balance!

Most days end with my husband and I going for a walk, occasionally stopping off for a pint of local ale, or enjoying the vibrant evening entertainment in Douglas.

That does sound great- any other favourite ‘perks’ of Island living?

There are so many! But it would have to be how close and convenient everything is!

I live in a home on the outskirts of the Island, to enjoy the quiet and beautiful views, but my drive to work is still just 25 minutes! I can get home to enjoy a meal with the family, or head off to hike in the hills, and my ‘drive time’ is never more than half an hour.


The Island is wonderful for hiking! What else do you like to do outdoors?

We’re a pretty active family; I like to run, my husband likes to golf and our kids like to spend their time in the parks or jumping in the sea. What’s so great about the Isle of Man is that there is always something great to do outdoors in every season. My family loves it.


Looking back, how do you feel about your move?

It’s the best decision I could have made, relocating has allowed me to work and enjoy life- all in the same day.


Thank you so much to Suzie for taking the time to talk with us about her relocation.  

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